We Rented a Vacation rental for the 4th of July for 12 days at 15311 SE River forest dr Portland, Or 97267 (Owner Raj Savara). We paid up front as well paid at the end for extra charges as agreed. The house air conditioneer did not work and the house wa floor to ceiling glass walls (appx 25′ tall) the house became a oven is was nearly 100 degrees out side and over that inside. The owner offered a small discount (about the amount of our deposit for the problem. Only keep our deposit once we left. Owner refuses to return deposit claiming there was minor damgage (misc scratches on furntiute etc) we don’t believe we caused any damage. The were renters after us and we did not get offered any type of walk thru at the end of or stay. The owner will not let us inspect any damage. We purchased a accidendal property damage insurance policy from CSA TRAVEL PROTECTION as required when we booked the rental thru VBRO. NEITHER CSA Travel proctection or VBRO has stepped up to insure the owner files a claim and neither has helped us at all. The owner simply kept the money. AVIOD THIS NIGHTMARE!!

15311 se river forest dr portland, Oregon USA


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