Complaint: purchased a pressure washer from Rakuten aka in June, I gave them my credit card number which has my current home address on it however they obviously don’t check that because it went to where I lived over 2 years ago. that in and of itself makes me very uncomfortable. obviously keep old cards on file. They didn’t care that it was delivered 90 miles away from where I live now. I called them and they of course pass the buck to the seller (beach audio) Beach confirmed that it was delivered to the address given to them, I explained the situation , she said she would get back to me-never did I did the tracking and found where it was delivered poor customer service I call Rakuten again, she says that’s the address we have, nothing we can do, I drive the 90 miles to my previous address to pick it up which I wasn’t able to do until August. I don’t use a pressure washer everyday . It worked great the first time only everytime after that it would run for 10 minutes and turn off. called Beach back they said Sorry it’s been over a month, no returns…of course it was over a month, I can’t just get in the car and drive almost 100 miles to pick up my purchase that was sent to the incorrect address. I want to know how Rakuten used my credit card without verifying the address on it and then why they acted like it was my fault.

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