The Ramada Cleveland Airport West was listed as a 3 star hotel. However, the room that I was given had a door to the outside that was rotted such that there was an 1″ gap at the bottom of the door. I had to stuff a towel under the door to seal the gap. nThe desk chair looked as if someone pooped on it. There were other stains equally gross. The carpet was absolutely filthy. I have never seen such a dirty floor. It looked as if it had never been cleaned. nI booked the room through Travelocity and called them to ask for a refund. They contacted the hotel owner who would not refund the lodging fee. When I called him

he got irate that I’d complained to Travelocity and Ramada and claimed that my “”legal”” action made it impossible for him to refund any money until he saw the nature of the complaints. Clearly Shariff

his name

thought that he had a right to misrepresent his hotel on the internet and that consumers have no right to object to the filth in his rooms. nNote that when I complained to the desk clerk in the morning

he offered another room. He showed it to me and the carpet was more filthy that the prior room. Honestly