We booked a group trip through this outfitter and paid in full for the trip several months in advance. It was a hunting trip in a foreign Country, and the outfitter was supposed to provide us with all the information we needed before the trip as well as customs assistance on arrival and departure. They did not give us any of the necessary information or forms before our departure, and failed to have anyone assist us once we arrived in the foreign Country. As a result, we all got stranded in the airport for several days and never reached our final destination. Not only did the outfitter drop the ball before and during the trip, they did not offer any of our money back for the the missed hunting days and other costs, resulting in a loss to each hunter of several thousand dollars. I would highly recommend doing your homework and using a reputable outfitter before you book a hunting trip to a foreign Country because there is just too much money on the line. This company is too small and incompetent to handle any problems that come up during the trip as well as making things right afterwards when they make a mistake.

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