Complaint: mike sims owner of ranch and golf .com came to town and started a riding arena construction for autistic kids, this is a local charity which my wife and i funded, mike sims of ranch and never finsihed the job, did not pay his subs and took all of the money from our charity, mike sims of ranch adn refuses to even talk about it will not return calls, after futher checking he brought ilegal mexicans in here to start the job, my wife and i are in the process of trying to sue him for the funds he stolen from our charity and we have also turned him over to the department of human resoures for the illegal immingrants he brought in here, our looking goverment is filing a complaint in federal court for the illegal personell and not paying tax on them, we have also turned mike sims of ranch and into the irs because of his illegal activities, it is such a shame to ripoff a charity that is helping kids, we hope to have mike sims of ranch and golf .com back to kentucky in court soon, so if you are looking for a horse riding arena please be careful and dont make our mistakes

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