WARNING!! DO NOT RENT HERE. n Unless your like to have roaches as your companions. I have been in a lease for the past year now and have constantlyncomplained about roaches invading my apartment. Well so far all they have done is come and sprayed like 2 times over the past year. All apartments are stuck together so its impossible to get rid of them unless they tented the wholenbuilding. n Anyways my wife called the health department on them also and all they did was come spray their cheap bug stuff again which did nothing but caused them to be more active. I cannot leave my balcony door open at night because roaches walk right on in and I have seen them all over the balcony also. The cracks and crevices of my kitchen and bathroom have little places for the roaches to hide in. Management likes to say that we are the only ones that do complain but they have been caught in a lie because everybody says they got roaches in their buildings. I literally have to go hunting at night because they come out so much, it’s gross. n The neighborhood kids like to hang out in the stairwells smoking marijuana and tag their little wannabe gang names in the stairwells. The new management is such a pain in the butt to deal with it’s kind of pathetic. All tenants complain about the new manager. I think she even denied a lease renewal because we called the Health Department on them. Hmm, ohnwell guess it’s a good thing we get to finally move out of this old raunchy place. n The doors to the stairwells are falling off the hinges and staircases are always dirty. A random late fee occurred recently at the beginning of the month on the 5th of each month is now in place and was never like that before. So now everybody got took for that extra $75 dollars even people that have lived here for years and years have never had to pay this unless it was after the 5th of each month. Hallways to your apartment look like some cheap motel and always have flys buzzing around. n This place really is not worth renting especially if you get stuck in a lease.

2444 Alvarado St Oxnard, California United States of America


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