Complaint: First i brought my 99 chev suburban to the Rancho Valley chevrolet dealership to fix a leak in my engine coolent system. When i was given my car back, i thought it was fixed. However a small leak was still present. When i took the car to the car wash immediately after receiving the car. The car wash attendant noticed a long scratch on the right front quarter panel. the dealer representative was okay about fixing the scratch. I continued noticing a small drip in my suburban when i parked on a hill. I also noticed that the fluid level of the resevour was getting lower. I filled it up with fluid. The leak never went away, so i took it back to the dealer. They tried to tell me it was another leak in the intake manifold and the old leak was in the heater connection. I had to argue the point that the leak never went away and they did not fix it in the first place. I felt they were trying to take advantage of me for being a woman, but they don’t realize that i have an extensive knowledge when it comes to repairing different types of vehicles. I feel that their workmanship is not up to standard, which also stems from another problem that happened one year ago.

Tags: Auto Dealer Repairs

Address: Pomona, California U.S.A.