Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group filed a SLAPP Suit against Blogger Crystal Cox

Attorney Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group violated my constitutional rights, bullied me, harassed me, threatened me, interfered with a 10 Million Dollar civil suit against me, conspired with Tonkon Torp attorney David Aman to set me up for the crime of extortion, lied in a Ninth Circuit amicus brief about me, paid for an attorney for Dylan Energy’s Martin Cain to file an amicus lying and defaming me, falsified evidence to the Nevada courts in a SLAPP suit against me (Randazza v. Cox), lied and falsified evidence to WIPO accusing me of extortion, has lied in sworn court documents about me, has threatened my sources who are exposing his connection to organized crime in the porn industry, has conspired with countless individuals to coerce them into giving him details of my private life and to assist him in entrapping me, setting me up for extortion and has continued this non-stop harassment for over 2 years and counting.

Harassing Complaint Filed to Data Mine Investigative Bloggers, Inventor and Whistleblowers…

Also Check out Randazza News site by investigative blogger Monica Foster I demand Justice. I don’t recommend them

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