Randy A Schacht of Brooklyn, New York while at Camp HES kept remarking about how I have no hair below. He would go around to several of the individuals at Camp and ask them if they had hair below. If you didn’t asnwer him, he got all upset and angry about it. The creep factor was high when we attanded camp. I hated that camp and wished I had never gone to it. This is the Randy A. Schacht. The guy was a real moron and wish I never had the displeasure of being sent to this camp. His brother Mitchell Schacht, though not inapropriate as was Randy, was kind of odd himself. Randy left a long-standing affect on me and should be ashamed of himself. I have NO use for him! If I could sue him for that nonsense I would have. Camp was in Suffern, NY – Camp HES (Hebrew Educational Society)

Seaview Avenue, New York. , Brooklyn United States


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