Over two years ago excon Randy Boles aka Gillia Aloode directed blame on myself for reporting Dominick Tambone CEO Of the Fraudulent Funding Inc. Foxies’s Fund from Norcross Georgia foxiesfund.net located at 5432 Stanford Villiage, Lane , Later she and 100s others also accused myself of being a Olaf Rodgers and Heinz Maak that was donators with the face book group Foxie’s Fund that was ripoff and never recieve receipts for non profit donations. | Heinz Maak reported Foxie’s Fund Dominick Tambone to Ripooff report, My life has been threaten over the phone & thru messenger on face book for being this bad person that was hurting the puppies, As time went by Dominick Tambone found I was not the person attacking his face book group or the person reported those funding accounts, | We had made friends and he wrote up a post and posted it in the Foxie’s Fund face book group , Only to have Randy Boles a admin for the group at the time to delete that post and continue her attacks on my family, myself, my pets and my groups, She was even sharing a web site called maddoggurdodo on weebly posting about beating my dog in the haed wit a crow bar and drowning my dogs, | I have evidence of her sharing this link of projected animal abuse, Randy is a very bad person spending four years in a Ohio state prison where she learned to become a Con to fraud others , She is a main player in the organized crime that takes place in the face book group Foxie’s Fund, She has been known to attack others that was frauded or had unauthorized deductions taken out from their debit cards on recurring donations, | My advise is not join such a group of organized criminals or allow the access to your debit or credit card Art Smith and Randy Boles aka Gillian Algoode work as a team to fraud others to danate and support this Jim Jones ran type group , Don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks or get involved with these criminals Art Smith, Dominick Tambone, Wise Karin Alias Karin Wise alias KA Wise, Kellt Scott Sandusky alias Cadie Scott and Randy Boles aka Gillian Algoode alias Gillian Algood alias Jeffrey Dohmer , | These are some dangerous people, They may seem nice on the ouside but like all Cons they know how to play the game to draw others in to fraud them , I will show 100% proff of thier attacks to prove these are organized criminals. | When I makea report I do not use a false name as Heinz Maak did, I will tand up to these frauds and expose them for being the Cons they are.


  • Name: Randy Boles aka Gillian Algoode
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Sullivan
  • Address: Us Highway 224
  • Phone:
  • Website: