Rania is deeply connected within the Arab community of Dearborn. Her friends on her social media are mostly men, the majority of which are wealthy married men. She is looking for a man to take care of her. It is not a deterrent that he is married and has children. She is a weak excuse as a mother herself. It’s appalling she gave her ex-husband, Haidar, physical custody of her 2 children because of her selfishness of wanting to live a life without any responsibilities. So as she is going after these married men, she would expect that his kids would also be cast to the side. She has made such outlandish claims that she is deeply connected within the FBI, and that is why she cannot keep her kids. For their safety. It is so absurd, but even more so for men to believe her. Rania is truly a self-centered, vain, narcissistic, and malicious woman. She carried on an affair with a married man for 2 years. After being confronted by his wife on numerous occasions, she would lie and deflect. She would insist that he was “just a dear friend”. She took pride in trying to weasel her way into his life to purposely destroy it. She was jealous of his wife’s life. She became a train wreck after her ex, Haidar, remarried in June that she was frantically trying to get her adulterous boyfriend to leave his wife. She played so many mind games with him saying: It’s not fair that you treat her better than me What are you going to do when I get married (trying to incite jealousy and fear that she was going to move on) She is going to leave you (Over and over and over) mark my words, she is going to leave you. She became aware that his wife had just given birth to a new daughter. That did not stop her. Power, greed, money is her goal. She is absolutely disgusting. She makes outrageous accusations that her boss, at Tax Net (on Michigan Ave) is lusting after her. She also believes that her friends’ husbands also lust after her. With knowing all of this about her, she still has the nerve to believe “she is such a good person!” Her current fix is Joshua Yasser Mroue. Good luck pal. Hope you had fun in Vegas. From what I here, you two deserve each other. Just don’t forget to schedule your drd testing! All of those men and women from Dearborn, use this as a public service announcement: Rania Atris is a Home wrecking¬†Slore!