Rasika Ekanayake from Sri Lanka guranteed that his store in Hong Kong was selling authentic OEM headphones. He told us that his store gets all headphones directly from the factory. We sent him the payment by Western Union and received the items. The headphones were counterfeit because all seiral numbers were the same as well as they were poorly packaged. Rasika instructed us to ship the item back to China for a full refund plus shipping. We shipped the products back and contacted Rasika but he went silent and no refund was made. We have made many attempts to contact them via emails or calls but no response has been made. Rasika Ekanayake No, 7/6, Hiriyalagammana, Werellagama,kandy (province )sri anka.(country)+94 711931735 Mars&Venus Technical Trading, Co,Ltd507,Block A,Tonic Industrial Centre,KaT26i Cheung Road,Kln, Hong KongPhone number : +86075528195935SENDER OF THE RECORD (On Commercial Invoice):Hong Kong Hongzun Electronics Techology LimitedRM 507B PO Lung Center 11Wang Chiu RdKawloon Bay KLNHong KongPhone number : +8613925243899ADDRESS THE ITEM WAS RETURNED/SHIPPED BACK:LUOHUIBINGTANGSHUIWEI 1 QU 7 DONG 301MINZHIBAOAN QUSHENZHEN, GUANGDONG

No,7/6,Hiriyalagammana Nationwide Sri Lanka

+94 711931735

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