My computer screen periodically freezes. I cannot move the cursor. When I try to do so, I obtain a message from this company saying that I am experiencing a computer virus and to immediately call their phone number. They advertize that they are a “service for Microsoft customers”. They prominantly display the Microsoft logo on their message. When calling their free number, 844-710-0803, I contacted a heavily-accented ( India) representetive who said he would help remove the virus if I gave him access to my computer remotely. He said there would be no charge for the service. Of course, that sent off many alarms, so I got as much info as I could on him and the company before he hung up. He said they were a remote electronic repair service in India, working exclusively on Microsoft products. He said they were not agents of Microsoft. He did not rp;y to my question of whether his company had intentionally frozen my computer remotely. After he hung up, I turned my computer off, then on. It started immediately with not problems. I think this company has a link through an employment agency on line. ( I was contacting many at that time of day.) .They somehow can freeze your computer when you contact them. As mentioned, it can be easily resolved. Microsoft may wish to know of this company’s use of their logo. .

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