So this shop opened up on Colfax and Ogden and a few people mentioned how they had great rockabilly, punk and goth items for sale. So I thought I would check it out. nI had heard horror stories about the owner. About how rude she was to customers and how she would get in people’s faces for no reason. I thought I would check it out for myself. nAt the time I had just started my own hair accessories collection. And I had been consigning my items all over town and so I talked to the staff there and they said to speak to the owner Raven. nSo with my merchandise, I approach Raven the owner and she said that she will consign my items at 70% for me and the shop would take 30%. So I said deal. She gave me a piece of paper with the number of items and the store price and took my merchandise. nI had never had a problem with consigning before so I didn’t push for a consignment contract… which I even asked about and she said that she would remember me and it would all be okay. nSo I within a few weeks, people approached me stating that they purchased some my items from Raves- Oh my Goth. So I figured I had money to collect. nI went into the shop and I asked her if she could pay me out for the sold merchandise… and very suspiciously… she tries to spout out that she won’t pay me out till all the items have sold. nI had never heard of such a rule, and I didn’t want to deal with a confrontation so I just let it slide and figured I would come back in a few weeks. nA while later, I go back, and I decide that I just want my unsold merchandise back and to be paid for the sold items. This is NEVER a problem at any other shop! nThe woman is a nightmare! She completely lied and says that it’s now her property after 30 days, cause it’s considered abandoned??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nBS! nShe refused to pay me for my items the first time I went in, then she refused to pay me at all or even return the unsold merchandise! nI told her. That is illegal and that she is a thief and she needs to return my merchandise and give me my money. She refused stating…. “Show me a piece of paper that you signed””! nHow many times has this woman done this!!!! SHE STOLE MY MERCHANDISE!!!!!!!!!!!! And my money! And then she made a ridiculous claim that if I didn’t leave she would call the police?????????? Excuse me? You stole my merchandise and my money. You’re the crook! nI should have waited for the police. Honestly. Cause I should have reported that she stole my items. I was going to write an article in a local magazine about consignment fraud. But I was so upset and just wanted to move past this infuriating situation. nBut I don’t want this to happen to anyone ever again! nDO NOT SHOP OR CONSIGN AT RAVES – OH MY GOTH! AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH RAVEN. nAnd this horrible nightmare of a shell of a human being had the nerve to tell me to go to Jenny Craig as I walked out. Why anyone would do business with this person I don’t know. nShe is the most unprofessional person ever! And my items are still on her shelves and I hate to think that my hair accessories are associated with her shop. n——————– nOn a side note- I will tell a friend’s experience: nMy friend went into Raves – Oh my goth and was trying on several items and the clerk stopped her and said she could only try on a certain number at a time. So while in the dressing room she is chatting with a friend outside the stall saying she isn’t used to only being able to try on such few items at a time. And next thing she knows

once she steps out of the stall

Raven comes over shouting that she is the owner and she makes the rules and if she doesn’t like it then she can leave. nWOW! Totally uncalled for. Since when does a shop owner unjustly confront a customer and scream at them? nThe woman is unprofessional with a screw loose. I hope people can add to this with there terrible experiences. n—————- nAlso if you read on yahoo locals… you will see the reviews on how she has treated other customers. nVintageKittynDenver


1516 Emerson St, Denver, Colorado U.S.A.