BOGUS DENTIST, and UNAUTHORISED DENTIST. I ALSO PERSONALLY TOOK THE ATTACHED PHOTO & THEREFORE HAVE COPYRIGHT TO IT. Mr Pabla forged my signature on a Power Of Attorney and fraudulently sold our Company to an unsuspecting third party. He has also illegally treated many patients during his “Out Of Hours” Emergency Service. One lady in particular Patricia James was charged £400 for two small fillings that he illegally performed on her – he is a Dental Hygienist and is NOT ALLOWED to do fillings. Patricia James, if you are reading this please get in touch so that I can point you in the correct direction after you have been to see your Lawyer for a Civil Suit for damages against him (and the return of your money) and please get in touch with DC 6674 Hough of Bury Police Station Tel 0161 856 8150 and report this to him as well as the General Dental Council Illegal Practice Team and Fitness To Practice Panel on Tel No: 020 7887 3800.He also had employed Spyro Vietzi a Greek Dentist who had restrictions placed upon him by the General Dental Council in that he WAS NOT ALLOWED TO WORK UNSUPERVISED UNTIL HE HAD BEEN REASSESSED BY THEM. Mr Pabla knowingly allowed him to work unsupervised and alone in the practice.If ANYONE reading this has been treated at Didsbury Dental Practice by a Greek Dentist – or has been seen at the “OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE” or if you know anyone who has, please get in touch with me so that I can give you pointers and help you out.Ray Pabla.jpg (26 KB)