Substituted cheap sand for septic sand


My Complaint: In 2005 we built a house and Preston supplied the sand for the septic system. Several months after we moved in, a subcontractor who worked called and told us that Preston used cheap sand instead of septic sand. I called Mark Preston and he told me we received septic sand and he was there when they loaded the truck. Two months ago we sold our house. When the buyer’s inspector checked the septic field, he found that cheap sand was used. We lost the sale. We had two more inspectors confirm the inspector’s findings. The cost to have the incorrect sand removed and the proper septic sand installed is $24,000. We have tried to contact Mark Preston, with no response. If anyone had a house built within the last 10 years or moved into a development where the sand was supplied by Preston, I suggest you test it. If you are thinking of purchasing sand from Preston I suggest you find Another source.


My Demand: Pay for the removal and replacement of the sand