Recently we have gotten two beds from Raymour & Flanigan. First delivery they sent us box springs that were too large and we needed a step latter to get in bed. They gave us a hard time to return and said those 9.5 are standard, however our normal ones we have are just 7 inch now. If standard changed they should tell you that and show you that in the showroom. We were not sitting on 9.5 inch boxsprings in the show room. So we had to tell them to come back with new box springs for both beds, PLUS we told our salesman we had a platform bed with draws and asked if we need something special (which we needed a bunky board) so had to get that too, then our New $1,500 mattress arrived with STAINS… So I said when delivering the box springs, I also want a new mattress with NO stains… So we get the 2nd delivery and the delivery men this time were horrible! They were banging stuff and dropping the mattress, in fact when the mattress came in one side tilted up so high when laying flat we could put our arm under it. We called the salesman he said accept and write on acceptance so if it doesnt flatten after a few days we can get you a new one. So we wait almost two weeks, have horrible sleep and call back for the new mattress because ours never laid flat it clearly was broken… They had the nerve to give me a hard time and tell me they have to send out an INSPECTOR to decide if we broke the mattress or if it was damaged in delivery. We wrote it on our delivery slip, we called the salesman to tell him and they don’t believe we didn’t do it?? I called the store manager who said send us pictures so we can try to eliminate the inspector (meanwhile they think I can take off of work for all these deliveries) Then they call back and say they will deliver on Christmas EVE afternoon, I explained that is not a good day and I need morning delivery 8am to 11:00… They want to deliver between ll-2pm .. I said no I need morning. So now I didnt want two of the offered delivery days because they couldnt accommodate morning, then they tell me on Saturday 11-27-14 they will give me a morning delivery, now I just got a call and was told the morning delivery time is 11-2pm not 8am to 11am which I had the first time… My god, these people have NO EMPATHY for what we have experienced from them.. I also paid $119.00 for the “comfort protection”” so if you are not happy or not sleeping well

within 45 days of purchase you can get your money back

NO that is not the guarantee

which is what the salesman stated

the Guarantee is I can buy a BETTER more expensive mattress and applying my money I already gave… WOW… I am an idiot for not going to SLEEPYS… Raymour is NOT THE PLACE TO BUY A MATTRESS FROM!!!!”