I would like to warn everyone out there against Rays Refrigeration CC, they do business out of their car. You can not take the refrigerator in to their offices, they come out to your house. They send unqualified staff to your house, and afterwards when you discover that the problem is not fixed and you contact them – it seems impossible to trace them. nI can’t trace their address, they do not even want to give their fax number to you when you phone. The staff is so rude, whilst explaining the whole situation to them – unsimpathetic is more the word and one of the ladies actually yeld at me and called me silly for reporting the defect that they have caused. nThe result is that I must buy a new refrigerator because of their lack of knowledge. nI would like to warn each and everyone against these people – they advertise in the Northside Cronicle – under no name only a telephone number which is 011 706 3000. nSindynSouth Africa nSindynRoodepoortSouth Africa

Suite 4, S A Eagle Building, Cnr Protea And Garrick Avenue Lenasia, South Africa South Africa


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