I am going to copy the complaint I filed with the BBB:nHello,nMy complain actually comes from actions that were taken earlier this year. My wife and I planned a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The trip was paid for in full in March. A couple weeks later we found out we were expecting our first child! In the following weeks my wife started having major swelling (especially in her feet and legs) and being in the heat made the swelling unbearable.nThese symptoms are to be expected with pregnancy but, with this being our first and with the extent of it, we were worried. My wife’s mother and grandmother both had miscarriages and that also made the thought of travel worse. nWe made the decision to cancel our trip to protect my wife and our baby. Before cancelling the trip, she contacted our travel agent. She advised us that with a note, we would have no trouble getting a refund for our trip if we cancelled. Also, she contacted RBC (the insurance company) and they told her that with a doctor’s note, there would be no issue getting a refund. At no time, did anyone say there would be any question as to whether our claim would be accepted. nWe do understand that her symptoms (nausea, cramping, bleeding and swelling) were typical for pregnant women but with the extremes she was having, we could not take the risk and attempt foreign travel.nIf given any indication that our claim would be rejected, we would have tried to at least transfer the trip to someone else or rescheduled it for a later date.Noone ever gave us a reason to doubt the validity of our claim so we went through the process. nWe wrote a letter of appeal to RBC and again were denied. We have since had our little angel but the $4200 plus dollars that we feel was taken from us is a constant burden to us. IF there is anything we can do, please let us know. nThanks so much and Have a Blessed day!

Greenville, South Carolina United States of America



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