Complaint: At the Daytona Beach Home Show I was impressed with a “box”” that is said would eliminate the need for paying any more Cable bills. I was told by Derek Joseph that there was no risk if I did not like it I could return it for a full refund as long as it was within 2 weeks. So I purchased 2 units for $426 (including tax). Unfortunately I could not get either box to work so I called the help line. Left a message and repeated this for three days. After being unsuccessful to get a response

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: I called my Master Card bank (Bank of America) and stopped the payment to RBOXTV. Interestingly that got me a call back from Mr. Joseph who indicated that he had tried to reach me several times. Well knowing that was untrue

Website: USA

Phone: I requested a refund because it had been only a few days since the purchase. Mr. Joseph gave me an address to return the boxes to. I followed his direction and mailed the 2 boxes with a return receipt. The return receipt (signed by receiver at the address) was delivered three days before the two week money back guarantee. Mr. Joseph refused to give me a refund so I processed it through my bank (Bank of America) who totally messed the transaction up and told me I would have to go back to the merchant for my refund. I went back to Mr. Joseph with a sincere Appeal for my money to be returned. After several attempts