These coupons offer to save you up to 35 cents a litre, but in print so tiny that it cannot even be read without a magnifying glass, located almost in the centre of a very large paragraph of equally tiny print of disclaimers, there is an expiry date. Since I usually never have a problem noticing expiry dates on my coupons, and since the coupon had just come out, and on examination I couldn’t see anywhere on the coupon where it had an expiry date I didn’t pay it much more notice. nI qualified for the discount on November 21st when I filled up my basket with their merchandise but when I went to use it on November 25th, I was told by the gas bar that it was expired. nThey need to put their effective dates clearly on the coupons. Their failure to do so indicates a clearly deceptive practice aimed at suckering in consumers to this trick. Shame! nBasically, if your tank is full when you shop, the coupon is worthless. If you are able to use up half your tank by the expiry date, it is only worth half of the face value, and if you are unlikely like me and don’t require gas for a week or so, it becomes worthless again. nCoupons should not be treated like stock options, losing value over time. A reasonable time period should be expected and offered. I don’t think that 60 days would be unreasonable to ask. Another idea would be to only put the start date on the coupon as the date the purchase was made. Then the clock could start ticking for 60 days. That would be fair and reasonable at least and not just a “bait and switch””. nMikenCalgary


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