Firm had announcer on Virginia radio state call above # and get a booklet on real estate investing. Called # and it was all automated. I was asked to give credit card # for S&H and then told booklet would be mailed and if I did not cancel in 30 dayd they would continue to send guidence on making money in real estate each for $99.95. I pressed the operator key to cancel and got a response ” I am glad you don’t need any more money”” and continued to ask me to reconsider. I kept saying no and hung up after 5-6 times of saying no to the automated voice. I recieved a short paperback book on how to make money in real estate and my credit card was charged $199.95!!! My bank

Wells Fargo

was abled to get my money back but this is an attempt to rip-off people nationwide and it is based in FL. I lived in Narrve

FL when stationed in Pensacola. I wish this scam was not FL based. I would like to retire back in FL and am very angrey that this rip-off is Tampa based.”

tampa, Florida USA