Was sent this link in an email, and thought I’d give them a try as they stated i can save 30% on any drug orders, provided you were member for a cost of $19.95 a month, and if you are a new customer, the first month is free, as a trial membership. So with nothing to lose, I thought why not give them a try. As it seemed to be cheaper then where I was ordering them from before. When they sent me a conformation of my order, it said it could take up to weeks to recieve my order, as they would ship until my phycision was contacted. I didnt want to wait, and canceled my order the same day. Spoke with a lady who called herself “Lori”” and said she’d cancel my order

and my membership that I saw I was charged of $19.95. I asked her again… Are you going to credit my $90.00 order

and this $19.95 charge? She said yes again

and gave me a cancelation number 128746. A couple days later

I still see the $19.95 charge