Complaint: These people have set back one of my sites because of PPV to They send too many PPV’s to the site and did not finish what they started. 10,000 ppvs for $39.00 and did not get near that many. Also these guys advertise for many different IM marketing services and do NOT follow thru. I got 6,000 and it set my blog site back a bit from google. Classified Ads? Really! Matt Meyer is the owner emailer sending out this garbage. If you need screenshots guys I will send. But I want a refund for $39.00..PERIOD. I can tell you these idiots make their money off of others that do NOT get a refund for what these guys Lie about. I think a lot of people, law could stop people like him and all the others that are earning big bucks ripping others off. Refund my PP account Now.

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: USA