It has been just about 2 months since Tim Harrison, a “partner”” at RealtyTrade called and said he would look into my case and assured me he would resolve my issues. nI have tried following up with Tim at least 6 times and have been told he’s either out of the country or plain unavailable. As if waiting for 20 minutes online to try and reach anyone


wasn’t enough

I was put back on hold when I insisted I speak with a supervisor…. this never happened. nI have called Lindsay Walker at ext. 424 several times and have never received a call back from her. Linsay was the rep who talked me into paying $995 up front and promised I would get my entire $995 if my timeshare was not sold in 6 months. nInstead I have received voice mails from 2 gentlemen from customer service who want to know if I’m having issues with the web site. nThis is unforgivable. I am not the only person RealtyTrade has scammed out of a lot of money. he only person getting rich here is RealtyTrade Partners. They are scammning poorest individuals and the most in need

in this economy. I am a single mother and cannot afford the high maintenance fees accumulating in this time share. nI have waited 2 months to write a follow up to my first rip off complaint. I think that’s long enough. My next step is my lawyer. If anyone wants to join in just respond to this case. nAngelanCarlisle