I’m sure by now you have heard this basic story on Realty Trade from many others. I was trying to sell my San Luis Bay Inn Time share property in Calif. when Realty Trade contacted me via email. n Jonathon Sauzer of RealtyTrade Ripped me off. I entered into a binding agreement with Realty Trade on 04/21/2009. I send in the money ($995.00) and never heard from them again. When I called for my money back. They told me that they had sent me information about a buyer for my property via e-mail. I never got this email. (just another lie)! I was told I must send a request in writing if I wanted my money back . So I sent a registered letter through the US mail. It was reserved and signed for by Realty Trade 0n 09/20/2009. But still no money back. I called again. They told me that have extended my contract for another 6 months. I told them no, I don’t what the extension just my money back. They then told me it was to late and I had to wait 6 more months before I could get my money back. (just another lie)! I then filed a complaint with the State of Florida. Witch did me no good. n I See now the name has changed to RealtyProperties.com. Of course they tell me there are no affiliation to RealtyTrade. But if you use the old web site. it will routes you to these guys. Wow How does that work? nMike nSanta Maria, CA

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