This rug is a family friend of my husband. Her and my hubbys sister use to go to school together. She hangs out a lot at my mother in laws house, they use to drink together! We married in 2012. I met her before we hung out a couple of times. Nothing suspicious. || In 2013 I find messages between her and my hubby on Facebook, they are kind of flirty. I asked him about it he said they are friends a long time and they just chit chat. I also asked her why she was flirting with my husband. She got kind of smart with me. I left it alone. We had a baby in 2013. This turd even had a nerve to hold my newborn son at a family cookout at my mother in laws house! I started to have a gut feeling about something fishy. She is always at my MIL house when we stopped by, sometimes my hubby stayed a day or so having a cookout or just hanging out with his family. Its started to bug me a lot. I kept asking my hubby and he still gave me the same answer. They are just friends. || A couple months ago my father in law called me saying I should go visit them because this piece stayed at the house last night, and my hubby. Long story short, they were messing around since 2011!!! I have proof! She told my mother in law on Facebook! She send me a screenshot! I find out this is the 3rd marriage she messing up! My blood is boiling because they both lied! I lived my life knowing nothing! After I find this out, a week later I find out I’m pregnant again. I’m gonna have a hard time as a single mom! I pray to the lord she go through the same shit! No more no less! I want to beat her ass so bad! I want revenge! I know it is childish, but I’m so angry I can’t help it! She should burn in hell!!!