I thought I was happily married to my now ex-husband Noah, until I discovered a string of lewd text messages he had with Rebecca. “I’m dying to make love to you”, “I want you inside of me, right now”, “my p*ssy is still sore from yesterday”, and “I’m touching myself thinking about you” were a few of the gems. It wasn’t long before I caught them red handed. || The story gets better however. It turns out she cheated on her ex-husband with a man named Jeff Cummings, one of her mentors from law school. Then, she broke up a relationship between a man named Shawn Hemmingsen and his nine-month pregnant girlfriend.┬áRebecca Mil Reyes Weininger is a serial home wrecker, and her antics have resulted in serious consequences and a lot of collateral damage. I hate my children being around her. She has no morals.