Complaint: My father and I registered to be one of twenty red bull distributors within Orange County and was given a specific territory. My dad and I purchased three red bull machines and product for $12,000 initially and was promised very unrealistic profits and results. Red Bull and Creative Concepts of America also guaranteed we could get any location we requested with their placement company in my region. CCA and RedBull had a hand picked affiliate company to place our machines in the desired businesses we requested. We made a payment to Advanced Placement Services and they held our check for about a month and a half with no communication while my machines sat in storage. I then had to fight daily for another two months to get 50% of my original $500 deposit with them returned. That alone was a horrible experience. Between the time of my machines arriving to placing them I spent an additional $750 in storage space rent with this argument with APS going on. We then tried another locating service in which they charged $1500 for 3 business locations with 0 traffic in Anaheim. After the locator secured the locations by car with us riding along, we had signed contracts by business owners agreeing to place the machines. When it came time to move the machines into their locations, 2 of the extremely small businesses backed out and claimed they didn’t know who we were. This forced us to pay our moving company an additional $400 to bring machines back to storage. We found immediately it was almost impossible to place our machines with private business owners whom most of which were never onsight. In addition most of the retail stores in the region including gas and liquor stores already carry the product. Bottom line we were told we’d receive guaranteed results with guaranteed locations. Never received either. $12,000 startup $500 placement service $1500 second placement service $700 moving machines $750 storage rent total of $15,450 investment with not a single result or can of red bull sold. Red Bull also refused to buy back the machines after they made notification they would. Cameron Irvine, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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