1) Andy, emphatically recommended by Meris Blumstein of Corcoran, inflated the prices he paid in his reconciliation in some instances by close to 100%. He represents that he will pass on the benefit of his discounts. Instead he jacks the prices up assuming most clients won’t check (all pricing provided to me by Meghan J of the Wayfair executive team). | 2) Andy per his reconciliation owes me roughly $8000 that he committed to reimburse on 2/19/19. It’s now 3/12/19 and he refuses to respond and no effort and effectuating any reconciliation has been made. | 3) Under false pretenses Andy entered my apartment and took a number of items for which I had paid. Upon information and belief he also stole a Rolex Daytona valued at $25,000. All this has been captured on building security tapes. My father was present but unfortunately suffers from advanced Parkinson’s and didn’t know to prevent Andy from accessing the apartment once our working agreement had been terminated. | Avoid Andy at all costs. | 4) Andy lied and told Wayfair that there was pending litigation to prevent me from being able to exchange items he knew I didn’t want or like. Wayfair is aware of his mendacity and vindictiveness and will demand proof of such litigation


  • Name: Red Cap Productions
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 419 W 47th St
  • Phone: 1 917-397-0027
  • Website: redcap.nyc/c