Complaint: Eventhough, I am interested in letting as many people know as I possibly can about the racist practices that Red Light Center routinely execute, I am more interested in retrieving money tendered for the service. There are areas on the site where people chat like on many chat sites. I, made the error of stating that Trump did not deserve a Nobel Prize, at which point one of the others on the site started to call me racial names. All of a sudden, site monitors came interjected into the conversation and said that a Black persons opinion is not wanted nor cared for. when I asked what made a white opinion better, I was banned from the site. This is the second time in a year that something like this has happened to me. The first time I wrote it off as an isolated incedent but, now am convinced that it is standard operating procedure. As long as i get the money that they owe me then, they can have the crappy site. Eventhough, I will let everyone that I know to avoid it at all costs.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet United States