Complaint: I went into Redneck Heaven on 8-7-2015 and order a drink. A man came to me with my drink (I didnu2019t go there to have a man serve me) I told him it was wrong and the BALD MAN had a problem with what I ordered. The BALD MAN walked away, so I asked another server to get me my correct drink and was told that they couldnu2019t give me a REDBULL unopened, in a pint glass with ice because of T.A.B.C. So then I asked the BALD MAN (THE BALD MAN WAS A NEW MANAGER) then why for the past 5 plus years have I been getting them that way. The BALD MAN told me because he (THE BALD MAN) was making changes. I was upset and the BALD MAN told me if I didnu2019t like it to call the owner Tinker at 469-855-8552. So I called TINKER and left a voicemail and Tinker (THE OWNER, NOT THE BALD MAN, WELL HE IS BALD AS WELL) texted me asking what the problem was and I told Tinker that the BALD MAN wasnu2019t gonna give me my drink unopened in a pint glass with ice. TINKER (THE OWNER) told me that he was gonna call the Manager (AKA BALD MAN) and get to the bottom of it for me. So the BALD MAN came up to me and Said, u201cTinker told me to tell you to leave because you are complaining about the service, and that Tinker doesnu2019t want anyone in Redneck Heaven who has a problem at all. So I lefty and called Tinker at 469-855-8552 and asked if he was really throwing me out because I had a complaint and TINKER said yes that itu2019s Tinkers way or the HIGHWAY. So anyone going to REDNECK heaven better not COMPLAIN to the BALD MAN or you will be asked to leave. So anyone want to tell Tinker that the Bald man is doing a good JOB call or text Tinker at 469-855-8552

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 2501 S. Stemmons Freeway Lewsiville, Texas USA


Phone: 972-459-7336