Redfern Appartments (web site is your worst choice. There was a smoke fire issue no alarm or anything. Dangerous. Even firefighters were after them. They have bed bugs. Pest control made us pack for 2 days our stuff in bags. A nightmare. The parking is so bad, at least 3 cars scratched. I m writing this please take it serious as i moved as a rush to montreal and they didnt fix anything. Mold or cracks in wood. They are not a good landlord. So many good ones in montreal. I just dant want anyone to go thru the experience.


  • Name: Redfern Apartments
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Westmount
  • Address: 4413 Sainte-Catherine Ouest
  • Phone: (514) 612-2569
  • Website: