When you walk into this Wrigleyville bar, the first thing you will notice are print-outs posted all over the walls, beer taps, bathroom doors, and everything else (we even saw a waitress stick one to herself as a joke) about the $2.00 coat check in the basement. Most of them just say “Coat Check downstairs

$2.00″”. Some say: “”The coat check girl may or may not make out w/ you

no promises. Coat check $2 located in the basement””. More ominously

one says “”Please excuse the laughter when you call tomorrow looking for your lost coat / Coat check $2 located in the basement. / Thank you.”” Pictures of the signs are posted at www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157610754268333/ nSo they want you to put your coat in their basement for $2.00. Fine

but most people don’t because it’s not the type of place where you would do that. People for the most part kept their coats with them at the bar