I have had nothing but troubles with Redtagcrazy.com. When they started out, they were great. They always put their best foot forward because they were a new business. Now that they feel they have a solid foundation, the prices have skyrocketed, the customer service is non-existant, and the product quality is poor at best. I suspect that they get seconds from the designers, which are flawed or damaged. On top of their poor service and goods, even if you buy something you aren’t guaranteed to get it. I have documented 5 occasions where I have been the first to purchase an item only to have it get ‘canceled’ from my order. Strangely enough, people that order it weeks later get it. I have also received one damaged tank top. They make the customers pay return shipping when it’s their fault. In addition, they pretend to have a system that pays store credit for blog cash. That is not the case. They told us that as long as the blog meets all the criteria, it will be published and paid for. Now, after I have written several blogs, they decided that they don’t want to pay for them any more and have decided to decline paying me for mine, and mine alone. Also, if you have a problem with the site, you are not allowed to voice it on the real-time chat displayed on the site. If you say anything that can be even halfway construed as negative, they ban you from the site with no warning or notification. I complained because I was being charged an additional $20 for shipping when I tried to buy an item when I was only supposed to pay $0.99. Surprisingly, the next day, I was banned from talking on the website. I can still give them my money, just not participate in any other way. This has happened to upwards of 40 women. Over 200 women have left the site due to their poor management skills and product quality. Do you think that I’m a special case? Look at the other reviews. Don’t let them take advantage of you like they took advantage of me.

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