So I have a 225 gallon saltwater tank and ordered a clean up crew from How about it took 8 days for my snails to get shipped to me, they were shipped via usps, the container smelled like a dead body and every last one of the snails were dead. nThe response I got from reefs2go was nothing other than shipping takes a while due to the season we are. My thing is if you know we are in the holiday season, why are you shipping livestock using usps. It’s livestock for goodness sake. All of the real saltwater suppliers use UPS or FedEx. n nTo top it off, they have a return policy that will issue you credit as long as you take pictures of the dead animals against a sheet of paper that they provide you. First off, I don;t want your credit because I will never buy anything from you again and second, who in the world is going to fish out 50+ snails to take a picture of. nI can’t speak for their other methods of shipping for their other marine life, but I will stand by my words and tell you to not order snails from this vendor. If it is some free shipping deal that is too good to be true, best believe it is coming to you via usps unless otherwise stated.

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