Tower Hill Insurance (Regency Insurance group) hereafter referred to as “The Company” carried our Home oweners Insurance on my retirement home at 125 Barre Dr NW Port chalotte Fla 33952. | The home had been previously rented for app. 3 years. The tenant moved out and during the normal clean up process there was mold discovered in a closet located on the same wall as the master bathroom. I reported the loss to my Insuance carrier and called in a mold mitigation Company to prevent further spread of the affected areas. | The Company called me within 24 hrs to deny my claim based on the water exclusion clause in the renewal of the policy. I had requested a copy of the policy in full and never received it. The original policy clearly states that ” Mold and Bacteria” would be covered up to a maximum of $10,000. | I was informed by a Senior member of the claims team Ms. Lisa Barlow that because the loss had not been triggered by a “covered event” that would “trigger coverage” I would not be eligible for any coverage. | I was told that I could purchase additional coverage for “the future” and that they were very sorry they could not honor my claim. | Meanwhile, the tile in the kitchen has been ripped up and left, the walls have holes in them and the mitigation Company has pulled up stakes “based on the lack of coverage as reported to them by the Company” | I have vowed to fight this I would rather spend $10,000 than let a Company go that I have paid good money to safeguard the home I hoped to spend my retirement years in. | If anyone else has had the same experience with this Company I encourage you to contact your representatives in Congress as well as the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Financial Services in Florida, as i intend to do. | As long as we stay silent these same type of Companies will continue to get away with this type of business practice.


  • Name: Regency Insurance Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Myers
  • Address: 5248 Red Cedar Dr #103
  • Phone: 239-628-4344
  • Website: