Complaint: Living here at regency Towers is an absolute nightmare. The people running the HOA are extremely auto Craddick. Leaving here at regency Towers is like living in n**i Germany. The building was built in the 70s and is in dire need of repairs. Our sinks and shower drains very slowly. The plumbing in the building needs to be updated fixed. All of the residents have plumbing issues which cause us to contact plumbers on a monthly basis.They keep the air conditioning in the hallways set to a minimum so it is always extremely hot in the hallways because they’re too cheap. On a daily basis, the resins receive notices in the elevator from Barbara Munson who is the head of the Board of Directors and the notices in the elevators contain messages that are extremely rude and demanding towards the residents.About 90% of the residents here have dogs. And I’m not just talking just one dog. People usually have two dogs. The dog owners take their dogs to the front of the building in the piss and crap on the front lawn of the building. There is literally no grass there now.They just recently put in a fitness center and it is an absolute joke. They have dumbbells up to 15 pounds and that’s it. There are a total of two treadmills, two bicycles and an all in one weight machine. The painted the walls as if we were in the 1980s. It’s really laughable.The carpets in the hallway are disgrace. They are extremely dirty and need to be replaced.The HOA is poorly run and they are a bunch of criminals. They charge each resident over $700 a month in HOA fees. You can tell they are ciphering money because the money isn’t being put back into the building.The building has a 24 hour security but if you have ever seen the movie Blart Mall Cop, then you’ll understand exactly what type of security we have.I have heard that several residents have died here because of mold poisoning.This is just the tip of the iceberg but I think I put enough here to persuade you to stay away from this building.

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Address: 3111 Bel Air Drive Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Website: 3111 Bel Air Drive

Phone: 702-7321311