Complaint: Normally I don’t waste my time with these types of things. Its my opinion that Karma does her job well, but with Reggie… He said he’s “above all of those commonplace euphamisms.”” I can remember countless times when I would be having a rough day. He would excuse everyone from the room (he owns the company) and tell me if I didn’t get my lazy @$$ in gear…he was going to see to it something would happen to my family

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: mainly my sister. He said she had all the right thing in all the right places. After months and months of dealing with his general hatred and distrust

Website: “”good luck with THAT piece of s***.””I have seen and hear first hand how he’s made people see his side

Phone: I decided that it was time for me to move on. Not only did my last paycheck make it out of his office 2-3 weeks later