Regional Autoship 3pl Failed to deliver car that was fully paid buyer Internet!!. Seller posted a 2018 Porsche 911 for sale in at $25000. Stated car is in Germany and needed extensive mods to be registered. Therefore, returning as a sale back to USA. As I buyer I agreed to the purschase with a detailed contract that stated delivery of the car to my address in the USA. Regional Autoship , the shipper, requested down payment of $7500 before he would ship the car to the USA. Contract in place and Bill of Sale signed. Tracking number assigned by shipper showing 27 days to deliver car. Upon arriving in the USA, shipper requested full payment that viloated the contract. Shipper cited to legal requirement. Full payment made and car to be delived with 4 days. Car never delivered. Shipper and seller fail to respond to phone calls and emails. Regional Autoship webpage is still up on the web. Shipper did provide all the documentation such as Bill of Lading, Doc

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