I have finally gotten my hair back after 2 years. Got a Fungus from the Regis Hair Salon at Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City, Ok. The girl doing my hair was sharing the hair clippers with several other stylist. She did not spray the clippers before using them on me. The back of my neck broke out and it continued up my head to the crown. My hair began falling out in the back and sides. I had to take 3 does of steriods and gained from 140 to 175. I was scheduled for another round when i got on the internet and read where if you shaved your hair that as the new hair grew out it would kill the fungus. I did this and it finally went away. My hair is just now growing out. I called the stylist immediately to let her know. After going to the doctor I ask the store to reimburse my co-pay of 300. They refused because I had taken Paxil. This was not a doctor that made this decision but just a person. I would like to know how many other people have had problems with REGIS??? nBarbranedmond, OklahomaU.S.A.



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