My wife and I both worked for Reigning Sunshine, previously named Brighter Tomorrow Marketing, (but shut down for the same conduct).. Like all of the other complaints, we also fell victim to their scams. | They claim to be a work from home position that telemarkets homeowners for a "free solar panel system".. they contract for big companies and set appointments for surveyors from: Solar City, Vivint Solar, Clear Solar, Go Solar, and the business to business department for Solar on Earth. They contact people in the states of: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Arizona, Utah and California. | They do not pay their reps what they are owed, they do not pay on time, and for a lot of these people, they do not pay at all. They continuously lie, tell you that your paycheck has gone out when it has not, or tell you that you will be caught up the following week and that is not the case. | Their contract is super flawed. They offer $5 per appointment that is set, and then tell you that they have stopped doing that. They will not put anything in writing or respond to emails when you are trying to get caught up on pay, or ask what the total hours worked, or amount of pay is owed for a pay period. They constantly tell you it is not their fault that they can’t pay, because their surveyors have not paid them. | This company needs to be stopped. They need to pay what is owed to the contractors that have been working for them, and they need to be shut down. My wife and I are owed $5k+ and once they were out of excuses, they completely stopped taking our calls.


  • Name: Reigning Sunshine LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: West Palm Beach
  • Address: 301 Clematis Street, Suite 3000
  • Phone: 561-225-2660
  • Website: