We have been to Reines twice for 2 different things. Several years ago we had an AC unit installed on our RV. Reines messed up, our roof leaked and they had to replace the entire roof. nJunp to this past year and we had a mouse infestation in our RV. Needless to say it needed cleaning and some repair. Our insurance company made us go to Reines. nWe dropped off the RV in November 2008. They had it until March 2009. Cleaning was not done, most repairs were not done. Only one repair was done. They claimed they cleaned it, but we found mouse poop on the floor, beds and counters. They basically moved the dead mice and that was it. A separate place did the cleaning after that. nWe sent it back (april 30, 2009) to have the mouse nest removed from the AC unit (the other company would not clean that). and have the AC unit disinfected. They were supposed to repair some other things too, but took for ever since they ordered the wrong part (for the 3rd time) nWe got the RV back (May 19, 2009) and the mouse nest was still there!!! They said they cleaned it and refused to do any more work on it. Very nasty to us. Owner refused to speak with me, had to speak with some guy in Sales, even though this was a service issue. nWant bad service, go to Reines RV in Manassas nDiannOak HIll, VirginiaU.S.A.

10850 Balls Ford Rd Manassas, Virginia U.S.A.


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