Where do I begin. I signed a lease with these people, and unknowingly signed a waiver to have my documents reviewed by an attorney. As the time passed there were several things in the home that were in need of repair that went unfixed. Not to mention the A/C unit was sooo old that it didn’t work the entire summer. They installed a window unit, but never fixed the A/C. I had a family with children, and this is completely unacceptable. nBefore the lease was over, I lost my job and they threatened to evict me, so I willfully left without the drama of an eviction. Then they filed a suit against me saying that I never cleaned the house and charged me $4,000. And I never got my $2,000 deposit back. nThey took advantage of me thinking that I was a stupid single mother without the ability to fight back. And posting my experience on this website and others will warn other people never to rent from these con artists. And I know there are other people out their whom they have ripped off. But it needs to stop. And both Thomas and Lisl claim they are Christians, give me a break. nWaiting4noonenFuquay-Varina, North CarolinaU.S.A.

9801 Old Stage Road Raleigh, North Carolina U.S.A.


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