After paying for service to fix my computer, they wanted me to cancel the payment and pay them again


My Complaint: 3 weeks ago my computer would not let me into any of my banking accounts. It kept saying all my certificates were our of date. By the next day 2 different companies called me asking me if my computer was not working. I could not understand the first caller, he spoke Asian/English but he said he was with Microsoft so I gave up $208. to have him fix my computer. Later on the next day I received any other call and thought I was talking with the same person put I was not. I thought they were working on fixing the computer and needed any other $169 so I agreed to pay it. But then I found out that it was 2 different companies. Last Thursday the second company called me saying that they needed me to cancel my last payment with my bank and give them another check. I told them no and now they have a block on my banking account that I gave them the $169. I can get into the account but there is an alert not to proceed.


My Demand: I would like to get at least some of my money back so I can take my computer to Best Buy for services.