No more website, they must somehow block my IP address.


My Complaint: They told me if I bought supplies that they would reimburse me. So I bought what I needed. I did work for them for 1 month, they told me it was a trial period. They had packages sent to my address and I was to inspect them. They would send a new label and I was to ship them off to their customers. They were Laptops, Game consoles, GPS’s, etc. After the trial period they would send me a check then after that put me on their books. One month is up. I have been checking and calling. Now there is no more website.Two days ago they did tell me that I could do other tasks. I could start buying merchandise for them all I needed to do was give them a personal checking account # and bank information. They also told me to send them my ssn# so they could put me on the books. I did not give them any of my personal info. I would like to go to the address they gave me and beat the crap out of them. I guess that wouldn’t be a very good idea. I am just so mad. I am 3 months behind in my mortgage because they told me I would get $2,000 by November. I have to face the fact it was my stupidity for falling for it.

I guess I should of checked on the internet about scams before I did this. I feel really stupid. People do desperate things in desperate times.


My Demand: Stop them from doing this to other people.