I have a motorcycle for sale on Craigslist and was contacted via text message by a potential buyer. They asked for a vehicle report from the website Reliablemotoreport.com telling me to email them the report and would come to look at the bike later after they got the report. After entering the VIN number the site asks for credit card info in order to complete the request.Luckily i was a bit skeptical at this point and decided to check if this was a potential scam, and from what i can gather it is.A slight giveaway was the fact that 2 reply texts were sent almost instantly after I told them that I don’t even know where to go for a report.After telling them I wont enter my credit card information on a website i don’t know they told me once they see its on good standing they would come out and get the vehicle.In my opinion if the buyer is that curious about a product, there are several free websites that a person can visit to get a report without having to pay on a website.