I had received an email to my google account claiming that he wanted to interview me through google hangouts. I contacted a Mr. Abhay Kumar through google hangouts. We exchanged pleasantries & started with the interview. He told me about the company, benefits, and pay rate about the job he was offering. He asked questions about myself and my hobbies. After all questions were asked and answered, he told me he was going to forward the conversation to the Head of the Department to see if I was qualified for the job. He said was required to stay online 10-15 for that process. After he came back online, he then proceeded to tell me I was hired and then gave me a list of the equipment I needed because he was going to have the secretary send me a company check. He also says that that they were going to mail me a W4 form, company handbook, employment offer letter and HR document for orientation and training, to fill out & send back as soon as I can to get started on job so I can get paid. After that, he gave me a list of software that I was able to purchase, with said company check that was to be mailed as well. After all was said and done, he says he will contact me tomorrow about the payment of the check and the company secretary will contact me via phone. When I came home to start looking up the software, I had noticed blogs about scammers connecting people through google hangouts and this where I am at now.