Complaint: Listed my house with them. Agents (both 30 year vets) both tried to pigeon-hole an offer to me when they both should have known better. Deal fell through. In my opinion there was very unprofessional conduct on the part of realtor on the REMAX side (and on the Century 21 side as well). Was very upset with both of them. As time progressed, I felt more and more uncomfortable with my dealings with the office in general. They sent earnest money that I was supposed to receive back to the buyer (I did receive it eventually). Also, realtor did not represent my wishes to other realtors who were wanting to show my house to potential buyers. The relationship went south very quickly. I called the principle of the office, Larry Phillips who then referred me to the sales manager, Bill Gething. After a few phone calls, I was told by Bill that both himself and Larry had spoken to my realtor, David Gall. Apparently, my realtor was going to be able to keep his listing with me even though I had expressed strong misgivings about it. I also was made out to be a liar which is not something I take very lightly. Since they were not going to release my listing, Bill literally hung up on me. It was a waste of time to even start the process of trying to resolve this problem in the first place I guess. So now I am handcuffed through a contract to people who are unreasonable and unwilling to acknowledge there is a major problem. As a fellow business person this is very bad for business. The Real estate business is all about relationships, connections, public perceptions, etc. Treating people in this way cannot be good for them. I would never recommend this office to anyone. Please very careful when dealing with these people.

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Address: 8101 Coldwater Road Fort Wayne, Indiana United States of America


Phone: 260 490 1590