Renee Derby – Ohio

She was my wife until I arrange a threesome with another guy(Mike Precord) of Revenna. It happened 3 times but each time I was left out for them to have their fun without me. After the second time I walked out of the room very pissed. Sat down at the dinning room table and Mike sat across from me. I began to explain why I was pissed so he talked over me. Told my wife that he thought it was funny I was mad. I let it happen again only because the next day after second time I was lying on the couch and moaning because my heart hurt so bad. She crying told me she never wanted to hurt me. Said we don’t have to do it again. I said no your having fun and I want that for you but you have to promise I won’t be left out. She cried and agreed. So I let him come back. After a few hours and some drink we all decided we would go to the bedroom. He immediately mounted her with no for play and missionary style so I couldn’t see, touch, taste or anything to my wife. She hugged him and grabbed his ass until they both came together. His head fell to the side of hers. Then I turned my back to them because my heart got ripped out of my chest at that point. She started reaching for my junk and I pushed her hands off me 3 times and wouldn’t quit grabbing. So I smacked her forehead and he jumped off her she started screaming “what did you do to my nose”? I stood up and was packing when he went to the door and said he didn’t like what I did. I was livid with the whole thing so I grabbed him by his chest picked him up and walked him torward the front door. He punching me but it felt like a chicken pecks. Got him to the living room put him down and boxed him until he dropped. She took his side I threw them both out and cops arrested me. Moral of the story, don’t trust any woman with a pussy to be loyal even when you allow her to cheat! Divorce will be final soon. Below is a recent picture of them together now

Published at Mon, 30 Nov 2020 05:33:48 +0000